— Our Story —

Nearly two decades of experience. Countless industry accolades. A single pursuit of perfection.

We didn’t become Perth’s leading bathroom design and renovation specialist by accident. This was a very deliberate and sustained decision. A decision to always ensure that no matter how high your expectation, ours must always be higher. Because at Lux Bathrooms, we are obsessed with the finer details that other design/builders gloss over.

“Comfort. Desire. Harmony. These are the emotions you should feel every time you see
your bathroom. After all, it is your sanctuary.”

By engaging Perth’s finest craftsmen who share our unrelenting desire for perfection, we are able to confidently and consistently deliver a stunning renovation that seamlessly blends form with function — all backed by Perth’s longest warranty on workmanship.

“Research into the industry showed us that 70% of domestic insurance claims are for faulty workmanship resulting in water damage – no one should have to worry about this when having their bathroom redone.”

With the above statistic in mind, we made it our prerogative to change the face of the industry by creating the perfect leak-proof solution. After extensive testing, research and trials, we are pleased to say we have achieved this mission… and continue to do so for every bathroom project we work on.

— Our Promise is Your Guarantee —

– You will always be guided through every aspect of the design process.
– Guarding your privacy and personal space is paramount.
– You tell us how frequently you would like to hear from us, and via what method.
– We will design your interior to be timeless, sustainable, efficient and beautiful.
– We will select products and materials for environmental rating, aesthetic quality, and durability.
– We are mindful of our impact on environment, and do everything in our power to minimise it.
– We choose to align ourselves with reputable and responsible manufacturers.
– We value honesty and transparency at every stage, and every level.
– We back the quality of our work with Perth’s longest warranty: 10.5 years on workmanship!

— Meet The Director —

Kyle McGregor
Managing Director & Licensed Builder

With 14 year’s experience in the home building sector, Kyle’s real passion lies within the one room: the bathroom. His obession for perfecting the finer details aligns with the idea that the bathroom is a sanctuary for many – and he regularly travels overseas in search of quality materials and techniques.

“Kyle and his design team are a pleasure to deal with. The result was second to none – he transformed our bathroom!

They’re perfectionists; thank you so much for everything.

Best team ever!”

Maggie Stein

Kyle provided me with a schedule of daily events so that I knew what was being done, who was going to do it, and the time they were attending. The schedule made is so much easier for me to plan my day around work and other commitments.

They did an excellent job and I highly recommend Kyle and his team.”

Dianne Reid

Kyle and his team provided a comprehensive and transparent design and quote for my project. They were very pleasant and friendly – we really appreciated the job schedule they provided us with.

All issues were addressed promptly and the new bathroom is of top quality. We will be using them again later this year for our laundry renovation!”

Reiko Sato





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